Danke is an experimental electro-pop artist from Los Angeles, California. Danke (Shane Allen) began making beats in 2006, refining her sound over the years while working as a vocalist and collaborator for various projects. In 2015, Danke released her debut album "Mouth Confetti", which she wrote, produced, performed and recorded at her home studio.

Danke’s audience is immediately captivated by her engaging performance and unique vocal styling. Balanced delicately between a heavy intensity found in experimental garage rock and a soulful, haunting quality heard in modern acoustic songwriting, Danke has carved out a unique place in the electro-pop world.

She continues to write, produce and perform, her sound steadily challenging what we think of as the typical electronic artist. As the front man of her invisible, synthesized band, her infectious on-stage presence is palpable in it's authenticity and commitment. All who attend Danke shows are fans in waiting.