electronic music | los angeles

[ˈdaŋkə] electronic music | los angeles


pig snout shout

fight wwe or f .

costume consumption

macdonald's america

cow-fever sick

home run...

the hills have eyes.

inbred distortion

oscillation breeze.

freeze, stick-up figure

stick to simplicity


bullseye, cannonball, dance-masquerade

tom what's-his-name

bad movie popcorn

broke job

entitled fortune cookie.

lucky number lottery


rainbow color-blind sighted

set up tempo temperature taker

interpretation enforcer

hello officer hello officer.

apologetic offender

sorry sorry sorry...

hello officer


infinite space-time

finite decisions

lackadaisical impositions

gateway impressions

clown painted philosopher waxing poetic

simple dimpled frowning eyebrows cry desire

all red and fire