"Debut albums can be tricky. At worst they can come off as amateur, poorly executed, and lacking a unified vision, and at best they present the full, unwavering image of an artist, thoroughly showcasing their strengths, and leaving the audience hungry for more. Venice Beach artist Danke’s debut, Mouth Confetti, is most certainly the latter.
Brimming with a sound that manages to be both sparse, and, at times, a bit abstract and jarring, while still being full, warm, and accessible, Mouth Confetti presents itself as a wonderful introduction to the creatively diverse world of Danke. Drawing from styles varied and contemporary pop and R&B and more minimalistic, yet lush, electronic music, with hints of psychedelia, Danke takes listeners on deep a journey through rich, ornate, and spacious soundscapes which seem to walk the line perfectly between the sharp, angular and the soft and delicate. It’s almost as if the music Danke creates is the sonic equivalent of a free, sunny, California spirit with a hard New York attitude and sensibility."